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Kashmiri Mongra Saffron_1 Gram
Kashmiri Mongra Saffron_1 GramKashmiri Mongra Saffron_1 GramKashmiri Mongra Saffron_1 GramKashmiri Mongra Saffron_1 GramKashmiri Mongra Saffron_1 Gram
Kashmiri Mongra Saffron_1 Gram
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Kashmiri Mongra Saffron

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Product Description

GI Registered Kashmiri Mongra Saffron by Noorali

Buy pure homegrown GI Certified Noorali Kashmiri Saffron (Kesar / Zaffron). Sourced directly from the fields of 'Saffron Town Pampore', treat yourself to the exotic, aromatic, and premium grade of saffron to enhance your culinary skill and add powerful colors, fragrance, and taste to your special delicacies. Special care is taken in ensuring that only the best grade of saffron reaches you and your loved ones.

Favored By chefs and cooks across the globe. This high-grade potent Saffron is known to contain many health-promoting properties including sexual health. It is widely used during pregnancy. It is also used in beauty products especially face/body packs. It enhances skin tone with a fair complexion. It is also used to give flavor to your food products like biryani, sweets. Saffron threads are derived from the Crocus Sativus (Saffron Flower). It takes more than 175000 flowers to make 1 Kg of Saffron. Saffron's most important properties are color strength(Crocin), flavor/taster (Picocrocin), aroma (Safrnal), moisture. Noorali's saffron meets all requirements for being a premium quality product.


NOORALI ORGANIC is a brand based out of Lethpora Pampore Kashmir. Our offline store is situated at Express Highway, NH-44 Lethpora Pampore popularly known as 'Saffron Town of Kashmir' Pampore is one of the few places in the world where the ‘crocus sativus’ (the saffron flower), the world's most expensive spice grows

This makes the saffron sold by Noorali the best brand to sell organic saffron in India; as it is cultivated and sold right from where it originates, meaning right from the source. It cannot get any more authentic than this, can it?

Indulge in the purity of the all-natural, certified, and original Kashmiri saffron with our freshly picked strands straight from 'The Saffron Town' - Pampore. The top part of a saffron strand is called Mongra. It is flattened, dark red in color, and mainly finds its use in culinary preparation for the aroma, flavor, and color it imparts to cuisines that are bestowed with its magical addition. 

NOORALI sells the highest quality saffron:

Basically, there are four types of saffron: Mongra, Lacha, Zarda, and Choora. Mongra is the most premium quality of saffron that is available. This variety of saffron is known to have gorgeous red color and a very pleasant aroma. The pledge to sell only genuine premium products is another factor that makes NOORALI the best saffron brand in India.

Handpicked and neatly stored:

The saffron sold by Noorali Organic is carefully and very delicately handpicked by experts. It is also stored in a way that its aroma and originality remain intact. Noorali Organic takes the utmost care to not let it get affected by any kind of external factors. The saffron is also very neatly packed so that it reaches safely to its designated customer. Herein, we pack the saffron only on demand.

100% natural:

The fact that we cannot stress enough is that Noorali Organic’s saffron is 100% natural There are absolutely no edible colors or other chemicals added to it.

Dedicated to selling authentic and exclusive Kashmiri products:

Another reason that makes Noorali Organic the best saffron brand in India is that the brand is dedicated to selling only exclusive Kashmiri products. This means that our products are unique and are rare to find elsewhere. We wish to bring our products to a global audience. And authenticity is, of course, always guaranteed! 

Benefits of Kashmiri Saffron / Kashmiri Kesar:


1. A Powerful Antioxidant

Saffron is rich in plant compounds that act as antioxidants, such as crocin, crocetin, safranal, and kaempferol. Antioxidants help protect your cells against oxidative stress.


2. May Improve Mood and Treat Depressive Symptoms

Saffron may help treat symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression, but more studies are needed before definite recommendations can be made.


3. May Have Cancer-Fighting Properties

Saffron is high in antioxidants, which may help kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. However, more human research is needed.


4. May Reduce PMS Symptoms

Both eating and smelling saffron appear to help treat PMS symptoms, such as irritability, headaches, cravings, pain, and anxiety.


5. May Act as an Aphrodisiac

Saffron may have aphrodisiac properties for both men and women and may especially help those taking antidepressants.


6. May Reduce Appetite and Aid Weight Loss


Saffron has been shown to reduce snacking and curb your appetite. In turn, these behaviors may help you lose weight.


Other Potential Health Benefits

Saffron has been linked to several other potential health benefits, such as improved heart disease risk, blood sugar levels, eyesight, and memory. However, more studies are needed to draw stronger conclusions.


Easy to Add to Your Diet

Saffron has a subtle taste and aroma, which makes it easy to add to your diet. It pairs well with savory dishes and should be soaked in hot water to give a deeper flavor. Alternatively, you can purchase saffron in supplement form to reap its benefits.

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