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Raw Pumpkin Seeds_500 GramRaw Pumpkin Seeds_500 GramRaw Pumpkin Seeds_500 GramRaw Pumpkin Seeds_500 Gram
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Raw Pumpkin Seeds

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500 Gram
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Product Description

Noorali Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Noorali has brought to you raw, unroasted, organic, nutty Pumpkin Seeds that are loaded with healthful nutrients like protein, fiber, omega-3, magnesium, zinc & others to take you closer to your health goals.

Key Benefits:

Healthy Snacking Made Easy

Goodness of fiber & protein help keep you full, and away from guilty snacking- your nutty buddy in weight loss journey.

Give Sound Sleep

This amazing superfood is known to contain nutrients that help improve natural sleep by improving mood.

Take Care Of Your Heart

With healthy fats & calcium, this superfood is all good for your heart & bone health to keep you supercharged & younger with growing age.

How to Use:

For Morning Breakfast

Top it on your favorite shakes, delicious oatmeal, juices, or smoothies.

For Your Sweet Tooth

Bake into your bread, muffin, pudding, granola bar & cakes.

For Guilt-Free Snacking

Munch on these raw or roasted seeds with your evening snacks or salads.

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