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Dried Blackberries (500g)
Dried Blackberries (500g)Dried Blackberries (500g)Dried Blackberries (500g)Dried Blackberries (500g)
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Dried Blackberries (500g)

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It is a delicious and versatile fruit. It has smooth skin, with a greenish core. Immature blackberries are generally red or green and later turn into black, soft, juicy and glossy fruits on ripening.


1)Blackberry boosts cognition and is useful in improving vision as well.

2)Blackberry is rich in Vitamin C. It can heal wounds, regenerate the skin and prevent scurvy.

3)It is high in fiber, thereby reducing cholesterol levels in the body, besides regulating bowel movements and controlling blood sugar.

4)Being rich in Vitamin K, prevents excessive bleeding in menses, besides preventing fractures.

5)It promotes a healthy state of both brain as well as teeth.

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