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Hand-Crafted Paper Mache Star Set_Chocolate
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Hand-Crafted Paper Mache Star Set_ChocolateHand-Crafted Paper Mache Star Set_ChocolateHand-Crafted Paper Mache Star Set_Chocolate
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Hand-Crafted Paper Mache Star Set

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Product Description

Kashmiri Hand-Crafted Paper Mache Christmas Star (Set of 3)

  • This is a set of 3 beautiful stars made of paper mache art
  • The set includes one star of 5 inches, one star of 4 inches, and one star of 3 inches.
  • These can be hung as decorations at home or can be used on Christmas trees.
  • Made from recycled paper, handprinted with natural colors.
  • Every step of the manufacturing process is done entirely by hand by expert artists.

Paper Mache is one of the most beautiful handicrafts in Kashmir. Kashmiri craft recycles waste paper into beautiful artifacts hand-painted by expert craftsmen. Paper Mache has a long and rich tradition in Kashmir, it is a delicate decorative art that shows the artistic zeal of a craftsman.


The process of creating masterpieces under this craft includes 2 main steps. The first is the sakhtsazi, or the actual production of the item. The second is the naqashi, when the item is painted with many number of motifs. Both these steps sound relatively simple but in reality take a lot of time, patience & Labor of our hardworking Craftsmen.

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