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Kashmiri Shahi Zeera (Black Cumin) 100 Gram
Kashmiri Shahi Zeera (Black Cumin) 100 GramKashmiri Shahi Zeera (Black Cumin) 100 GramKashmiri Shahi Zeera (Black Cumin) 100 GramKashmiri Shahi Zeera (Black Cumin) 100 Gram
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Kashmiri Shahi Zeera (Black Cumin) 100 Gram

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Kashmiri Shahi Zeera also called as Kala Jeera is a basic ingredient in Kashmiri cuisine as well a very popular spice in north Indian cuisine. Generally used to flavor vegetable, meat, and rice dishes. Shahi word is derived from the Persian word ‘syahi’ which means black, this is from which Kala Zeera derives its name. It has a slightly peppery, distinct nutty and rich taste. Kala Zeera has a strong and distinct aroma; diffusing into the air, It has an aura of a typical Mediterranean Market which is its native place. In Garam Masala Zeera is one of the essentials ingredients. This small crescent-shaped zeera is generally black or dark brown in color and has a very rich taste and smell. The seeds may be baked into bread, steamed with rice to give it a distinctive scent or added to curry pastes and blend.

Benefits of Kashmiri shahi Zeera (Black Cumin):

  • Black Cumin Helps to Treat Boils.
  • As it is rich in Vitamin E, so Keeps Skin Glowing, hence preventing premature aging symptoms like-age spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin
  • If someone is suffering from skin itchiness and body heat, one can put some cumin seeds in boiled water, then let it cool, and take a bath with that water. It can help cure itching and Body heat.
  • The burning sensation of the soles and the palms can relieve by drinking cumin water.
  • Black cumin Help to maintain Blood Sugar level.
  • Black Cumin is rich in Iron, which helps to make blood rich in hemoglobin and acts as a carrier of oxygen to the cells in the bod
  • It helps in combating diseases by improving immunity.
  • Reduces inflammatory processes and other mediators that cause asthma.
  • Black Cumin helps to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle.
  • Improves Metabolism and Digestion.
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